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Experts in spray foam insulation in San Antonio

Rely on Geo Insulation for knowledgeable, experienced technicians and optimal customer service for spray foam insulation in attics. As San Antonio insulation contractors, Geo Insulation can help you save on your energy costs as well as extending the life of your air conditioning system. Your home environment will be more comfortable and energy efficient year-round.

Benefits of spray foam insulation in crawl spaces and attics

Spray foam insulation helps to seal off places in buildings where even the tiniest gaps occur, better protecting your home from heat, air, moisture and sound. It is ideal for adding insulation to existing finished areas, irregularly shaped areas, and around obstructions.
Advantages of having Geo Insulation home insulation contractors apply spray foam to your attic and crawl spaces:

  • Offer up to 50% reduction in your heating and cooling costs.
  • Provide reduction in outside noise.
  • Prohibit outdoor pollutants such as dust and pollen from entering your home.

    Why spray foam insulation makes sense

    According to the Department of Energy, liquid foam insulation products and installation usually cost more than traditional batt insulation. However, liquid foam insulation has higher R-values and forms an air barrier, which can eliminate some of the other costs and tasks associated with weatherizing a home, such as caulking, applying housewrap and vapor barrier, and taping joints. When building a new home, this type of insulation can also help reduce construction time and the number of specialized contractors, which saves money. As your San Antonio insulation contractor, we can help determine how much insulation you need and the best places to apply it in your home.

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    What is an R-Value?
    An R-Value is a measure of the capacity of a material to resist heat transfer. The larger the R-Value of a material, the greater its insulating properties. The recommended level for most attics is to insulate to R-38 or about 12 to 14 inches, depending on your insulation type.
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